European Health Data Space

The European Health Data Space (EHDS) is Europe's unique opportunity to enable harmonized care for patients across national silos and borders, strengthen medical research, and develop a truly patient-centered healthcare system. The EHDS is also a milestone for data-driven medical care and innovation, and thus essential for the further development of medicine.


Source: Factsheet - EHDS

Germany has a lot of catching up to do in establishing a user-centric data infrastructure with clear added value for practitioners, patients, and researchers. This year, Honic would like to prove in the first pilot projects how healthcare data can already be used in a structured way for medical research, even under the German interpretation of the GDPR. Our ambition is to develop a blueprint for the EHDS in the coming years.


Souce: Factsheet - EHDS

You can find more information on this topic here:

- The EU Commission's information page on the EHDS incl. the current draft text (in English)

- Our detailed summary of the EHDS draft text (in German)

- Our assessment of the EHDS and its impact on the German health care system published as an article at E-HEALTH-COM on 12.05.2022 (in German)

- An interview with the responsible officials in Brussel Ioana-Maria Gligor (Head of Unit in DG SANTE) and Andrzej Rys (Director Health Systems DG SANTE) about the EHDS (in English)

Honic is involved in various committees, including working group 1 of the Forum Gesundheitsstandort BW of the state of Baden-Württemberg. As a result, Honic is closely involved in the discussions on the Health Data Usage Act, which serves as a preparation for the EHDS and soon will be presented by the BMG in a draft bill.