Data for better healthcare.

In medical research, access to high-quality health data is of utmost importance. These data form the foundation for advancements in healthcare and enable better treatment and therapy for patients.

Honic is the sovereign and secure platform on which these particularly sensitive data can be processed and is developed in close coordination with data protection authorities and patient organizations.

  • Honic meets the requirements of data-driven cutting-edge research.

  • Honic implements a GDPR-compliant concept for the anonymization and utilization of Real World Health Data.

  • Honic stands out with Security by Design and, through collaboration with IT security experts, provides the highest level of data security.


A secure data space for research and development.

Honic has, in close collaboration with robust partners and under strict data protection oversight by the relevant data privacy authority, developed a GDPR-compliant research platform for medical health data. We prioritize Security by Design and, in close coordination with the IT security community, ensure that the sensitive data from healthcare is maximally protected.


As a result, the Honic platform enables targeted aggregation and cross-silo combination of quality-verified Real-World Data (RWD) for specific use cases. Thanks to the Honic data protection concept and sophisticated anonymization technology, this can be done without the need for patient consent. The outcome is a unique data environment that supports data-driven and evidence-based medical research, healthcare research, as well as the development, training, and evaluation of complex algorithms and Artificial Intelligence in medicine.

Decades of experience to shape the medicine of tomorrow.

Honic team combines decades of experience in healthcare, regulatory affairs, health data protection, and digital medicine with profound know-how in the development of digital technologies and solutions. Recognized physicians are part of the interdisciplinary team as well as digital health pioneers, privacy experts, and architects of complex platform solutions.

Michael Cikanek

Michael brings his broad experience from working for established large corporations and young dynamic start-ups in the banking, healthcare and software sectors to the Honic team. His focus is on the further development of data-driven planning and management as well as ensuring sustainable growth. He is convinced that "Honic has the potential to become the leading digital healthcare data platform in Europe" and wants to "help realize this potential."

Matthias Drechsler_neu

Matthias combines the experience and passion of eight years of intensive care medicine and nursing with six years of healthcare software and product development. For him, the focus is on the meaningful use of contemporary technologies: "It's about making care, both for the patient and the practitioner, more efficient, so that it's not the process, but the person, that can come back to the fore."

David Heenemann

David brings extensive professional experience in the high-security IT environment and has been involved in a wide variety of healthcare projects from initial concept to final implementation. His primary focus over the past years has been the development of a data trustee. From a personal point of view, he appreciates the opportunity that "by using and linking a wide variety of medical data, possibly new insights and therapies can emerge, creating real added value for everyone".

Philipp Krüger

With over 15+ years of experience in the industry, strategy consulting and healthtech startups, Philipp helps pharma companies and research organizations to build a healthier future: “By enabling medical researchers to access and analyse previously siloed, unstructured and unused healthcare data in a secure and data-compliant way, we help them improve healthcare outcomes and positively impact the lives of countless patients.”

Robert Klostermayer

As a young, dedicated cloud engineer and Kubernetes specialist, Robert has spent the past few years building infrastructure for a complex IoT system as part of Ralf Schramm's team. "My focus at Honic is to design and build a secure and highly available platform together with our technology partners."

Tobias Kocherscheidt

Tobias has long-standing experience in the development of pathology and radiology software and is aware of the immense potential for improvement in the healthcare system. "High-quality healthcare data forms a robust foundation for me and motivates me to play an active role in shaping the future of healthcare."

Alina Krichevsky

With a background in digital health and medical engineering, Alina is focused on the transformative power of real-world data. She believes that "it's not just about collecting the data, but also about discovering the stories and solutions hidden within it".

Elena Lehrke

Elena has already advised various innovative companies as a lawyer and therefor knows: "The General Data Protection Regulation privileges the processing of data for scientific research purposes - at the same time, this results in high requirements for data security and protection by design. At Honic, I bring the legal perspective on data use into an interdisciplinary team to create a secure health data space.“

Jan Müller

Jan is convinced: "All of the major social challenges of our time can only be met through cooperation between all relevant players. The potential of data-based healthcare and research requires an approach that brings together medical data from a wide range of players in a secure way that complies with data protection regulations - for the benefit of patients.

Anna Rubinski

Anna brings years of scientific research experience analysing multimodal clinical data and therefore knows: "By harnessing the potential of large routinely collected medical data we can advance research and development for better healthcare".

Helge Schneider

At Honic, Helge utilizes his broad IT-experience in the field the telecommunications, insurance and healthcare for building a safe and performant IT-platform. „The special challenges with handling medical data drives us to digital excellence.“

Max Schwitzky

Max has years of experience in financial and healthcare software development, including hospital and teleradiology. The decision to join Honic was no brainer for him, and he is convinced: “User-centric software improves the quality of life for everyone involved within healthcare and thus serve the common good.”

Lea Skapetze

Lea has a background in health care as well as medical technology solutions and is convinced that this interface will help humanity solve the most critical challenges of our time: "Being able to effectively use data collected by practitioners, clinics and researchers in order to provide ultra-personalized medical care will profoundly improve the quality of therapies and treatments."

Anastasiia Sokhova

With years of experience in building secure and robust integration solutions, Anastasiia is committed to enhancing accessibility and reliability of the data processed by Honic. She is convinced that „communication is an important part of any process, and modern digital world is no exception.”

Nora Stark

Nora combines digital expertise and entrepreneurship through her stations in digital consulting and at recognized venture builders. "The innovation potential in the healthcare industry is huge. I am convinced that by providing access to health data for research and development, we will enable a more holistic, preventive, and safer health care."

Livia Wöller

Livia is a bioinformatics student with a specialization in Data Science. Driven by a passion for unraveling patterns and making a real-world impact, Livia is on a mission to explore the transformative power of data.

Joceline Ziegler

Joceline has developed machine learning algorithms for various health research projects to analyze multimodal data and make it prospectively usable. She is convinced that "responsible and targeted access to comprehensive data is essential for future research and medical care."

Honic is the name of the company! The name deliberately evokes of the work of bees. Just as they collect nectar from surrounding flowers, bring it to their secured hive and turn it into honey, Honic aims to collect and host medical data on a secure platform and enable further analysis for research and development through GDPR-compliant processing.

We are Honic.

Do you want to be part of this team and contribute to build the European health data solution? Then let us work together!

Currently we are looking in particular for software developers and data engineers for our platform, who have already gained experience in the healthcare industry. Experience as a developer in container infrastructures, security-first development, C# or Java in an agile environment is appreciated. Remote as well as local and hybrid working models are possible. An extraordinary and interdisciplinary team awaits you in our offices in Neckarsulm and in the heart of Berlin. We are looking forward to getting to know you!

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